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Image by Ant Rozetsky

Grooming and Skier Report

Check here to see what's been groomed or skied for latest conditions. If you have info that might benefit other Nordic skiers call or text 719 852 5083 or 719 480 5534 and we will try to get the info posted (esp early season conditions).

4/1/23 South Fork  Took down trail signs.  Actually surprised there was still some snow left.  The Parking Lot hill is bare but the trail is skiable.  Would recommend skiing early in the morn when the snow is still hard.  Forecast is for warm temps and wind so not sure how long things will last.

3/15/23 South Fork. Terminate Grooming.  Spring is here and we will no longer groom.  Don't forget to try skiing meadows with crusty snow as you can literally go anywhere- no trails needed!!! Its quite fun!!! This usually works best on mornings and days when the snow is still frozen/hard. 

If you purchased some of our Bluebird Houses its time to get them up and/or clean out your old Bluebird Houses. The Bluebirds are here and actively looking for nest sites.  Have a great spring/ summer and we will see you next fall/winter.   

3/13/23 South Fork  Skier report.  Stride skiing was pretty good.  Track blown in on Parking Lot and Guard Station Loops but conditions ok.  Several bare spots but can ski around them.  

3/05/23 South Fork  Skier report. Very very windy, trail a bit icy and track blown in. Still can use good skis.  Forecast for coming week - highs in low to mid 40's. Not sure how trail will hold up - sun getting higher/stronger.  Will back off on grooming to prevent bringing up dirt/rocks which will accelerate snow melt. 

3/04/23 South Fork  Groomed lower bench. Some drifting on yesterdays groom but conditions are overall good.

3/03/23 South Fork  Groomed about 4" of new.  Parking Lot and Guard Station Loops groomed.  Tried grooming Lower Bench but got stuck at top of hill (always a major drift there makes it very steep) and rutted up the trail pretty bad- do not ski Lower Bench. Other loops should be very good.  Starting to loose some snow at critical spots but ok for now.

2/26/23 South Fork  Report.  Skied in morning and it was very good.  

2/25/23 South Fork  Skied SF.  Very good. Track and Skate Lane were firm. Everything got slow when temp got in 40's.  Try to ski before warm temps for max glide. 

2/24/23 South Fork  Groomed the Parking Lot and Guard Station Loops.  Waited for wind to die down in the PM and then ran out of daylight/finished in the dark.  Got 6 passes with the groomer- not sure how firm it will be but its groomed.  Enjoy!

2/23/23 South Fork Groom Plans  Reports of a good snowfall at SF.  Plan to groom Fri PM 2/24 after this wind dies down.  Sat skiing should be good. Forecast for more snow/wind on Sun so plan to groom again on Mon 2/26 after that storm. 

2/12/23 South Fork Report of 1/2 new on top of hard icy snow and it skied very very well.  

2/7/23 Report that Wolf Creek Nordic Trail is groomed, firm, and very nice. 

2/5/23 South Fork.  Pretty icy - no bare spots. Honestly its not that good but we still have snow. Need snow before we can groom. 

2/4/23 South Fork  Skied all loops.  Pretty good.  No bare spots. A bit icy.

2/3/23 South Fork  Groomed all loops.  Snow still good. Had trouble setting good track on the old snow but ok.  Skate lane pretty good.  Should be fast. Recommend skiing before air temp gets above 32F

2/2/23 Home  Lake  Skied many loops at HL.  Very fast between 9-12 then got slower after noon. Suspect snow got real warm.  Air temp was 38f.

1/31/23 South Fork  Groomed all loops at SF.  1" of new snow.  Looks really good!

1/31/23 Home Lake  Groomed Home Lake. Not much snow to work with but it came out pretty good. Please be smart- stay away from the ice heaves and aerators.

1/30/23 Home Lake  Skied Home Lake.  Skate lane very compacted and somewhat icy with lots of use.  Will try to groom Home Lake and South Fork tomorrow Tuesday1/31/23.

1/29/23 Home Lake  Jeez!!! Please be careful around ice heaves. Saw ski tracks going near ice heaves in deep water. Be smart- Don't do that!!!  Lots of folks falling through ice this year near ice heaves at 11 Mile Reservoir in South Park.  Ice heaves are very very dangerous- only go near them in very shallow water near shore.

1/29/23 Home Lake  Skied Home Lake. Lot of use-skate lane very compacted.  Will try to regroom soon but not much snow to work with.

1/28/23 Groomer fixed.  Will probably wait with grooming both SF and Home Lake until wind subsides (trail will blow in before I finish grooming). Looks like strong wind for Sat-Mon. 

1/26/23 Home Lake  Skied Home Lake and skate lane was very very good. Diagonal track is down to bare ice in some spots (not much snow). Be advised no guarantee on ice safety and aways always be wary of ice conditions. Ice heaves are always dangerous and aerators obviously have very thin ice. Ski at your own risk!

1/25/23 South Fork  Report that skate lane and track are in great shape.

1/24/23 South Fork  About 1" new snow.  Groomed all Loops. Very nice!

1/22/23 South Fork  Skied all loops. Grooming from 1/21 has firmed up the skate lane and track

1/21/23 South Fork  Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Ribbon Cutting Event with the Chamber on Saturday.  Also thanks to those who brought food to share. A fun event for sure. Groomed trail very early in the morn -4F. Skied all loops -a touch soft in places- not sure why.  Will groom again probably Monday. Determined to get everything nice and firm-stay tuned. Suggest people wait for snow temps to warm- good window is 11am-4pm.

1/20/23 South Fork  Skate skied SF. Pretty firm/nice but very cold/slow snow at 9am- temp was 4F.  Getting snow today/tonight will groom very very early on 1/21- should be set up and skiable by 11 if all goes as planned.  Excellent conditions-enjoy.

1/19/23 South Fork Groomed all loops many times. Report from skier that skate lane was firm.  Might groom again late Fri (1/20/23) afternoon or very early Sat morn if we get the 1-3" forecasted. Will post any grooming.  

1/18/23 Lobo Overlook, Big Meadows, Wolf Creek, Report Lobo Overlook has lots and lots of snow-very good backcountry, trails at Wolf Creek and Big Meadows had not been groomed - suspect they will be soon.

1/18/23 South Fork  A good 10-12" No grooming today-trouble with groomer. Hauled it back home. Should be fixable

1/17/23 South Fork 11:20am 8" of new snow (Thanks for the report Erik).  Plan to groom the main loops-Parking Lot and Guard Station Loops on Wed morn. Suspect we will end up with 10+" and that will take many passes with the groomer to get it firm. For Wed 1/18 skiing I would wait until after 12 and just ski the main loops and avoid the River Bench Loops. Give thanks to Ullr!!!     

1/15/23 South Fork- 1/2" of new snow. Skied Parking Lot and Upper Bench trails- pretty good. Forecast is for some snow on Tues- possible groom on Wed morn.

1/14/23 South Fork- Trail holding up despite warm temps.  We hauled a fair amount of snow to Parking Lot Hill. If you need to remove your skis for a hill please walk on the far edge of the trail to prevent any damage to the thin base-thanks.  

1/13/23 South Fork Skied all loops- surprisingly good.

1/12/23 South Fork Groomed windblown snow. Trail completely blown in at many locations.  Just a light groom as base is very very thin. Dogs/snowshoes would completely trash the trail when its this thin. Hopefully we can make it through very warm temps this Fri/Sat since snow is forecasted for Sunday. Recommend skiing early in the day to avoid warm temps/soft snow.

1/11/23 South Fork Just a trace of new snow. Not enough to groom- afraid to bring up dirt/accelerate melting.  47F forecasted for this Friday/chance of snow on Sunday.

1/8/23 South Fork  Skied all loops.  All good.

1/7/23 South Fork  1" of new snow. Not enough to groom.  Skiing still good.

1/6/23 South Fork  Still good. Terminate grooming for short term until more snow. These conditions are why we discourage dogs/snowshoes as anything that will punch holes/bring up dirt will accelerate melting/destroy snow/trail.

1/5/23 South Fork  Skied all loops.  Very nice. Thin base.  Thanks to Steve who spot groomed/shoveled snow on entire system.

1/4/23 South Fork  Skate Skied all loops- all very good and firm. 

1/4/23 South Fork  Groomed SF early in am.  Put up signs. Trail looks very good.  

1/3/23 South Fork, Skied all loops.  Track good-skating lane was a bit soft but very skiable.  Will groom very early (in the dark with lights) on 1/4/23 -should be set up and skiable after 11am. Please wait until after 11am to ski SF.

1/3/23 Creede 6 mile Flat(some blowing) and Deep Creek groomed(should be good for diagonal)

1/2/23 Heads Up when Grooming South Fork we will always sound a horn when coming up a steep hill- has worked well in the past.  We can barely get the groomer up these steep hills and if we have to slow/stop we will get stuck and tear up the trail.  If you hear the horn sound please step well off the trail and allow the groomer to pass. 

1/2/23 RS   Yahoo!!! South Fork Got 8-10" of dry snow.  Groomed up pretty good -suspect skate lane might be a touch soft-will groom again in a day or two.  Skied diagonal track- nice/firm.

1/2/23 RS Received reports that Big Meadows parking area not plowed- suspect it will get plowed soon. Not groomed- suspect it will get groomed soon. The campground loop can provide excellent skiing.   

12/29/22 RS South Fork Last storm missed us again.  Next storm (Sun-Mon) looks promising-Will wait and see what that produces.  Very anxious to groom but need to see what/where snow situation is.  Alternatives are Big Meadows, Wolf Creek Nordic, or Fall Creek

12/24/22 RS  South Fork-Not looking good. Was poor and warm temps in forecast.  Probably best to avoid. Waiting a few days for ice to get just a bit thicker-then will groom a lake. Consider alternatives- Big Meadows, Wolf Creek Nordic, or Fall Creek(couple miles west of pass). Please call/text skier reports to # above and we will get info out.  

12/23/22 RS  Skied Crested Butte Nordic -Excellent skiing -views incredible.  Worth the drive and trail fee. Purchase trail pass at Nordic center/Ice Skating Rink. Checkout trails on west side of town for views and incredible skiing (Magic Meadows, Mikes Mile1)

12/21/22 RS  Skied South Fork.  Poor but got around whole trail.  Best to find alternative spot.  Thinking about grooming a lake- stay tuned. 

12/21/22  SB  Skied Big Meadows. Some snowmobile tracks on road. Campground soft corners- be careful but skiable.

12/18/22  RS  Skied South Fork Guard.  Still sketch but skiable.  Park Lot hill ok.  

12/17/22  LW   Big Meadows. Lower road OK but had holes where someone walked. No report from campground which is usually better.
12/17/22  RickS  South Fork Guard.  Hauled 3 sled loads to bare spot.

12/16/22  RickS  South Fork Guard.  Park lot hill has bare spot but rest unchanged.  Skated Upper River Bench was a touch soft but ok - some rocks. If you see a pinecone or "loose" rock please throw it. Other rocks wipe snow away so others can see/avoid them. There is a large black sled (no shovel) on top of Park Lot hill if anyone wants to haul snow to bare spot on south side of hill.

12/15/22  RickS  South Fork Guard. Skied Parking lot loop and Guard Station Loop. Had cloud cover- trail holding up.  Bare spots not bigger but still there.

12/14/22  RickS   South Fork Guard- skied with SteveB-ok for skate and diagonal- rock skis for sure. Very thin-lots of rocks/dirt-probably will not last long. Parking lot hill pretty bare- whole trail is too thin to groom again. Forecast is not good.  

12/13/22  RickS    South Fork Guard Station.  Groomed a base-might be skiable-low snow.

12/10/22  RickS    Wolf Creek Nothing regroomed. Found very good skiing between Alberta and    Charity Jane lifts. Very little downhill traffic and beautiful groom - just back and forth.  

12/10/22  SteveB. Big Meadows. Groomed but soft in middle for skate skiing.  Track good.                Some idiot drove up road partway with pickup.  

12/10/22  RickS.  Wolf Creek, Nothing regroomed but still good.  Best skiing is road down to Lake

12/9/22    RickS.  Wolf Creek Nordic Loop.  Meadow groomed but very soft. Best was road down  to Lake.  Firmest on edge opposite track. Skating avoid middle. Track ok.

12/8/22   SteveB. Wolf Creek Micro Tower Road.  Very good. Touring skis. Backcountry 

12/5/22   SteveB. Wolf Creek Meadow.  Really good. 1/2" new snow.

12/4/22   RickS. Done with Wreaths finally get to ski.  Wolf Creek Meadow- really good, nice          skating but diagonal track blown in.

11/18/22  RickS Fall Creek (2mi west of WC Pass) Helped Pagosa Nordic groom Fall creek.  3 machines  road rutted bad from hunters. Moved lots of snow. Hopefully it will firm. No track set.

11/08/22  SteveB Wolf Creek Ski Area-Meadow trail soft (No Track set)but can find some firm snow around Alberta lift. Not perfect but its good for early season. 

11/04/22  RonM Wolf Creek-Ski Area has groomed Nordic trail in meadow  

10/25/22  SteveB Wolf Creek-Road to Microwave Tower-skied some of the road. Rock skies- 6"

10/13/22  RickS South Fork-  Mowed/prepped all loops.  5hours

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